Thomas Pink is the leading international luxury shirt brand with flagship stores in London's Jermyn Street, Madison Avenue, New York and Rue François Premier, Paris. Altogether there are more than 80 stores around the world. Since its founding in 1984 by brothers Peter, James and John Mullen, Pink has become the hallmark of excellence for its shirt collections, keeping alive the heritage of London’s Jermyn Street, home of traditional British shirtmaking. Today, the new Pink is reconnecting with its founding principles, adopting a new name – Pink Shirtmaker London – as well as a new brand identity. The new Pink places superior quality shirts at the center and champions the traditions of English shirtmaking.

Pink Shirtmaker London opens a new chapter in the proud history of the Maison while remaining faithful to its founding spirit. Pink Shirtmaker London CEO Christopher Zanardi-Landi and creative director John Ray are reaffirming the brand’s identity to focus on what it does best: create shirts that are built to the best standards, harnessing the commitment and talent of a dedicated team.

Pink shirts epitomize English shirtmaking excellence and meticulous attention to details. Crafted using only the finest quality fabrics such as two-fold cotton and plain weave poplin, Pink shirts stand out for their impeccable finishing details: offset side seams form a curved P-shape hem, creating more volume for comfortable movement, and the gentle roll of the collar allows more room for a tie. The Mullen brothers boldly called their company “Pink”, using the most feminine of colors for the most masculine of British shirtmakers. The fresh identity of Pink Shirtmaker London is a knowing nod to this founding spirit. Today, Print Shirtmaker London offers customers products of exceptional quality that are designed to last at the heart of the masculine wardrobe.

During the 1990s customers included Michael Portillo, Viscount Linley, Hugh Grant, John F. Kennedy Jr. and Elle Macpherson.

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