Tada & Toy designs jewellery to love, layer & last. As designers they are driven to create jewellery that is accessible, modern and always effortlessly chic. The collections are designed to bring a little bit of sparkle and luxury to everyday life - simple enough to be worn all the time and stackable for more of a statement look. The jewellery seeks to celebrate and embrace individuality so customers can create their own look with their jewellery. Each design has a playful Tada & Toy twist offering an edge whilst retaining an approachable friendly feel.

Tada & Toy source the best materials for all of their products and they are designed to last, despite the accessible price point. Beneath the veneer of their delicate aesthetic, all the jewellery is designed with the practicalities of everyday use in mind.

A playful amalgamation of Indian embellishment and Swedish Scandinavian style. During their production travels to India, where the sun is always shining and the women are adorned in incredible jewellery they were inspired to re-interpret the unusual body jewellery with a playful Tada & Toy twist. The contrasting element to embellished Indian style comes from their love for minimal Scandinavian design. Victoria being half Swedish has, through her mother and grandmother, always been inspired by the Scandinavian minimal style. Sharing that love of a clean masculine aesthetic with Tansy, Tada & Toy designs were born.

All of their pieces are produced in hand-picked artisan workshops in Jaipur, India. With the guidance of their third business partner, Shubhi Kumar (aka. production guru). Quality and detail are Tada & Toys focuses, each new design goes through a rigorous testing process before making it into the shop. They are committed to the ethical sourcing of their products and work closely with suppliers to ensure that they are aligned to their beliefs.

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