A world where luxury and versatility are never compromised. Where Smythson’s expertise meets your individuality. A world where Smythson’s craft meets your story.

Smythson endeavour to make the ordinary extraordinary and the everyday timeless. Rooted in deep heritage, they represent over 130 years of British luxury leather goods at their most refined, with an enduring dedication to unrivalled craftsmanship. Smythson has long catered to the highly discerning, from European Royalty and the Indian Maharajas to the likes of Grace Kelly, Katharine Hepburn, Claudette Colbert and Vivien Leigh. Influential figures, leading extraordinary lives, from Sigmund Freud to Sir Winston Churchill, recognised the timeless purity of their creations.

Founded in 1887, Frank Smythson opened his first boutique on Bond Street providing ‘stationery and fancy articles of a high-class character’ and in 1890 the brand was commissioned to produce the stationery for each of Her Majesty’s residences. In the 1900s Smythson launched one of the first-ever handbags, it was advertised as the bag that would ‘always hold just a little more’. Soon after, in the 1920s a perfectly crafted miniature bureau for the desk or for the traveller was created. This was advertised as a ‘handsome gift for a lady’. In 1964, Smythson was honoured to be granted its first Royal Warrant from Her Majesty, The Queen. During the 1980s Smythson was honoured with two further Royal Warrants. The first from His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales, which was followed by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, The Queen Mother. Smythson was granted its more recent Royal Warrant in 2002 form His Royal Highness, The Duke of Edinburgh. In total, Smythson has four Royal Warrants.

In 2013, the Panama collection was launched and was inspired by Frank Smythson’s first Panama diary from 1908. Today, Smythson’s legacy continues – a distinctly unique, extraordinary brand catering to extraordinary people.

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