Serena Bute founded her namesake brand in 2015 with an empowering collection for women. The London-based designer built a range of luxe clothing around comfortable, easy-to-wear staples and versatile pieces for smart-casual wear or everyday styling. This season's signature Serena Bute clothing collection features a modern selection of velvet trousers and sequin trousers, alongside matching wide-leg joggers and bomber jackets.

Serena Bute has been designing clothes for nearly thirty years, but it was only recently that she finally put her own name on the label. Maybe it was something as simple as finding herself. She has, after all, lived a few lives over the past three decades. And it’s certainly the case that “Serena Bute” the label distills a whole lot of experience, personal and professional.

Bute has closets full of fabulous designer clothes but she no longer felt comfortable trussed into tailored jackets or tottering on heels. “Maybe it’s my age, but I like to chuck something on and go,” she says. Her latest venture started with a pair of trousers – wide-legged, elasticated-waist, with the kind of one-size-fits-all versatility that loans them to everything from school run to yoga to bedtime, and even, with a pair of heels and a tuxedo jacket, the dressiest night out. Since launching in 2015 with a capsule of pieces including silk velvet joggers, fluid silk shirts and grosgrain ribbon trimmed trousers the collection has grown to encompass a whole family of colours, fabrics and cuts devised to flatter a diversity of body shapes. These are luxurious staples designed to look effortless but be purposeful in today’s life.

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