Pure Collection believe there’s space in every wardrobe for a beautifully made piece of signature cashmere. The divine softness and indulgent feel of their sweaters are beyond compare, as it takes eight Mongolian goats to create one of their garments, making them as wearable and timeless as they are stylish.

Since their beginning in 2002 Pure Collection has become one of the largest direct and online retailers of cashmere in the world. As a company, they work exclusively with their goat herders to ensure superb quality at a price that’s fair and right. Cashmere has always remained at the heart of everything they do as they were the first brand to achieve 100% sustainable cashmere production. The process of keeping their cashmere maintained to its finest quality possible involves numerous steps. These include: hand combing, sorting & grading, washing & de-hairing, dying & spinning, knitting & linking and quality control.

Hand combing, Sorting & Grading: A specialised course comb is used to remove the shedding hairs during the combing process of brushing the cashmere. This also consists of removing unwanted hairs and separating the fibres.

Washing & De-hairing: The cashmere is washed to remove dirt and grease as de-hairing is a mechanical process that specifically removes the coarser hair.

Dying & Spinning: Pure Collection dye their cashmere before it is spun into yarn, giving it a rich, even coverage, preserving the garments vibrant palettes and natural softness with every wear. The spinning process involves the dyed fibre being spun into yarn using a technique called the worsted system, meaning the fibres are straightened beforehand, creating a completely flat finish.

Knitting & Linking: A large number of their garments are carefully knitted by machine to ensure an even stitch. All their sweater are then knitted in panels which are then linked together – the majority, by hand.

Quality Control: Their quality control process involves the garments being meticulously examined, measured and checked by the manufacturers to ensure it meets all of the standards.

Cashmere harnesses colour like no other fibre, as it absorbs strong, vibrant tones as easily as subtle neutrals and pastels, bringing an exquisite inner depth to every shade. Pure Collections signature designs and classic choice of colours is what makes their cashmere so unique. The brand expertly dyes their cashmere before spinning it into yarn to provide incomparable softness and beautiful colour vibrancy to guarantee a long-lasting appearance with every wear.

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