OYUNA was founded in 2002 by the creative energy of Oyuna Tserendorj. Originally from Mongolia, she seeks to combine the highest quality cashmere with strong and essential design.

With her motto in mind 'less is more' her aim is to create a core wardrobe with all the essentials to last a lifetime and to create a minimalistic, cool, collection with an edge. OYUNA’s bold colours are guided purely by Oyuna’s instincts—inspired by what she finds in many different places. Their neutral tones are equally considered however, and they aim to have both beautifully subtle colour options and strikingly bright ones. The brand is not interested in creating half-hearted, ‘sort-of’ colourful pieces. And they never really pay attention to colour trends. Also, Oyuna and much of the team’s fashion tastes were inspired by the ‘all-black-everything’ of Comme Des Garçons and Yohji Yamamoto, so it’s nice for the brand to inject some bright colour where they can.

The OYUNA brand embodies the deep connection between the designer, the land she comes from and her commitment to sharing the values and cashmere of Mongolia with the world. Oyuna Tserendorj believes in the essence of things, experiences and what it is to be human, for her creativity is intrinsic to that, and a condition that is at the very heart of it. A soulful quest for the essential, OYUNA tells the story of our experience through the few precious objects we own, reflecting the nomadic values of Mongolia.

Meticulously sourced Mongolian cashmere, one of the most treasured fibres in the world, sits alongside the finest cotton and silk, and is at the heart of OYUNA; ultra-soft and warm, with a rich heritage of providing protection in the world’s most inhospitable terrains. A cycle of continual innovation, Oyuna pushes the boundaries of cashmere design in bold new unexpected directions, providing cashmere constructions, to live in.

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