Orla Kiely OBE founded her business in 1995 to realise her dream of bringing modern mid century inspired pattern, a hint of 1960’s cool and the comforting nostalgia for the time into everyday 21st century life. Based on her 3 deep rooted passions of colour, pattern and good design, the personality and creative mark of the brand were rooted, following the simple philosophy that the fun, bold and graphic style Orla so adores, can bring joy and smiles to many.

These strong, minimalised patterns became the signature and it was through a small range of practical and eye catching bags designed with functionality in mind that style was established. Since then, the collections have grown, full of print and colour, always playful in approach and often with a sense of humour integral to Orla’s style. Everyday elements such as flowers, plant life, animals, cutlery and crockery are refined into simple motifs before being constructed into the very orderly and rhythmic repeats that allows the charm and personality to shine.

How these patterns make us feel is often commented on and they have been referred to as “Happy prints that make you smile!” It is an emotional reaction that can never be measured, but the idea that a print can make you happy without even noticing, is everything Orla Kiely enjoys about the process, reflecting the love they invest in all the products however big or small. It is this integrity they hold close, with a desire and mission to design and make timeless products that are continually loved by their friends around the world.

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