An illustrious history spanning more than six decades, La Perla is a brand that has not only withstood the challenges of the modern world, but evolved to meet the demands of their loyal clientele. Founded with innovation in mind, and passion at heart, what began as an intimate operation, has expanded into a globally-reaching presence, whilst still conveying the warmth and care of its creator.

In 1954 Ada Masotti, an Italian woman full of talent and courage, began the journey towards her dream: creating an atelier of corsetry in the name of the best Italian tradition. Beginning in a small laboratory in Bologna, the Italian town renowned for its solid tradition of silk factories and textile manufacturers, Ada used her talent as a skilled corset maker to create works of art enhancing feminine beauty. Presenting her creations in boxes lined with velvet, as if they were precious jewels, led to the name La Perla – representing the most feminine and harmonious gem.

Femininity in the purest state. Cream, emotion, perfection. La Perla continued to shape every woman’s desires and interprets its collections with a creative sensitivity at the highest level of elegance and style. La Perla had followed the evolution of the female body through different fashions and trends becoming the lingerie and beachwear brand synonymous with “Made in Italy” luxury. It offered a wide array of collections that range from lingerie to nightwear and beachwear to fragrances.

La Perla’s ability to transmit the spirit of its creations across each decade is certainly the secret to the brand’s worldwide success. Thanks to the collaboration of talented photographers La Perla visual communication was, and still is, a passionate exploration of the feminine universe.

Today La Perla stands as a global leader in the luxury fashion market, proving that what would be considered as a historic brand, can adapt, innovate and transform in the face of competition and the obstacles that affect the societies we live in.

By wearing their core values on their sleeve, of female empowerment, an obsession for the finest quality, and the need for intelligent design, La Perla has retained their integrity and held onto a loyal, ever-increasing base of clients and friends.

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