Joseph Cheaney & Sons is a quintessential English shoemaker that does not compromise on quality or style. Joseph Cheaney established the company in 1886, and in 1896, along with his son Arthur, they moved to the site which the factory occupies today. During the first 80 years of business, the factory made shoes exclusively for some of the finest retailers around the world, branded to their individual company requirements.

Joseph Humfrey Cheaney, the founder’s grandson who worked for the company for 51 years, realised that the company’s future lay in building up its own Cheaney brand for its home and export markets. In 1964, determined to see the legacy built up by the family continue, the decision was taken to sell the business to Church’s English Shoes. The Cheaney brand then became available to retailers all over the world, backed by a comprehensive instock service from the Desborough factory. In 1966 Cheaney won the Queen's Award to Industry and in 2016, the Queen’s Award for Enterprise in International Trade.

In early 2002, Cheaney opened its flagship store in London, which helped raise the awareness of the brand, and in 2009 Jonathan and William Church bought the company. Their family has been making fine shoes for five generations and they are fully committed to producing the finest footwear entirely made in England.

Cheaney is well known for its wide-range of footwear that’s not just exceptionally well made, but is great value for money, considering the quality and labour-intensive make. They now have seven premises in London, the most recent addition being in Covent Garden, which has a more avant-garde, attention-grabbing interior that encourages new customers to discover the world of Cheaney. It’s this contemporary approach to retail that has made Cheaney stand out from its competitors.

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