JOSEPH is a British contemporary designer brand with a strong core of luxury essentials. The brand was founded in 1966 by Casablanca-born Joseph Ettedgui. He was an early champion of now-iconic design houses and emerging brands alike. He created concept stores; places to discover new designers and new ideas, and he inspired customers to appreciate the contemporary.

Joseph was also a curator who created a lifestyle. He wanted to create a brand which was as much about the food customers ate; and the photography and architecture customers saw, as it was about the clothes. Joe’s Café became an extension of this; a place to meet for coffee with a girlfriend, a business lunch or grab coffee-to-go between browsing. He recognised that time was something we could afford to spare little of, so curated his brand around that ethos – creating his own line of functional, beautiful essentials that can carry you from day to evening, weaving other designer brands amongst the luxe, contemporary wardrobe he created.

The JOSEPH label was created in 1983, placing importance on luxury essentials and providing women with a complete modern wardrobe. Today, the brand has 23 global stores, a 360 digital presence; and over 400 stockists – all vibrant centres of creativity and style. They continue to curate an edit of today’s most exciting iconic and emerging designers in their six DESIGNERS AT JOSEPH stores.

The JOSEPH label includes women’s and men’s ready-to-wear, accessories and footwear. Contemporary, sophisticated and effortless— the collections are defined by their quality and flawless fit. Attention to detail and a dedication to craftsmanship runs through each garment. Under the new vision of creative director Susana Clayton, who joined JOSEPH in 2018, the brand has realigned with Joseph Ettedgui’s original vision; creating a balance between fashion and a timeless wardrobe of luxury essentials.

JOSEPH will continue to define the style of the coming decades just as it did so powerfully in the past.

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