Jakke is a Faux Fur Fashion label created in 2015. They are the leaders in cool, fun alternatives to real fur offering a selection of statement yet wearable outerwear pieces. Their faux fur jackets are cruelty free, which means that no animal suffered for one of their fabulous fluffy pieces. Each one of their faux furs has a removable “Free From Fur” patch on the sleeve to be worn with pride. The collection has now organically extended to a new range of “Free From Wool” knits and “Free From Feather” Puffers.

Awarded “Best Faux Fur Brand” in 2017 and “Best Wool Free Brand” in 2018, Jakke was pleased to be recognised by PETA alongside luxury brands Gucci, Stella McCartney and Net-a-Porter for their animal friendly achievements.

Jakke was founded by East London Designer Nina Hopkins whose love of design was instilled in her from an early age. The daughter of a Welsh father and Nigerian mother, Nina’s formative years were shaped by both her father’s love of conceptual art and her mother’s passion for sewing and vintage markets.

With over 15 years experience, Nina’s designs have been stocked in some of the coolest stores around the world including Liberty London, Opening Ceremony New York, Liger Hong Kong and Top Shop. Nina has worked with faux fur in particular for over 10 years. Her experience in this product and compassion for animals was the driving force for creating Jakke. Nina wanted to create a bridge between high street and high-end faux fur without compromising on style. She creates luxury, yet affordable well-made pieces that also fit into her own ethical lifestyle as a long-standing vegetarian.

In terms of inspiration, Nina draws from art, travel, culture and her love of Scandinavian design (jakke is Danish for jacket). Combining these creative stimuli has enabled Nina to frame Jakke for a contemporary woman.

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