The art of creating distinguished fragrances is in the Floris blood.

Nearly 300 years ago, Juan Famenias Floris created his first fragrance and recorded the formula in a large leather bound book. He continued to craft individual blends for his distinguished customers and with each new fragrance, the original formula was handwritten in this very book. For three centuries these recordings, along with the many more that followed, have been meticulously cared for in the vaults at 89 Jermyn Street and have been handed down through each generation of family, providing inspiration for the unique Floris fragrances created today.

Now, their in-house perfumery team produce unique and timeless creations, all of which are given approval by Edward Bodenham, the Floris 'nose' and 9th generation of the Floris family. Edward and his team are based at 89 Jermyn street in the perfumery behind the founding shop where Floris have created all their fragrances since 1730. In this same perfumery Edward learnt his craft as a boy from his grandfather, where at that time the fragrances were blended in the sub-basement affectionately known as ‘the mine’ beneath the store. Floris’ range of products are still developed at 89 Jermyn Street, London and are made in England where our dedication to traditional ways has been combined with the most up to date production values and techniques. With this expertise they also offer a comprehensive bespoke fragrance service which can be tailored completely to your preference, at the very heart of where fragrance was born in London.

2018 saw the launch of A Rose For… Eau de Parfum, an oriental rose of striking beauty, inspired by the affiliation of intense fragility yet powerful scent within the flower, which was first introduced at Chelsea Flower Show. The bottle is also accompanied by the addition of a gold pen, allowing each owner to complete the individual naming of their scent, and was nominated for the Innovation Award in the 2019 Fragrance Foundation Awards.

Attention to detail is key. All Floris’ products use the finest quality fragrance oils and ingredients.

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