Hailing from a proud lineage of military tailors, the Ettinger family established itself in London in 1934, where it started a brand new chapter of its history, making good use of its exceptional entrepreneurial spirit and craftsmanship abilities, but this time in leather goods manufacturing.

Founded by Gerry Ettinger in 1934, the company is still family owned and run by his elder son, Robert Ettinger. Ettinger are one of the few remaining British luxury leather goods companies still manufacturing in the UK and pride themselves on designing and handcrafting only the finest leather goods. Gerry Ettinger, founder of the company, was an enthusiastic character and tireless traveller. Always elegant in his ways, he started what was to become one of Britain's most sought-after leather goods manufacturing company and created a legacy that lives on to this day. Robert Ettinger, Gerry's eldest son, took over from his father after training abroad and gaining considerable experience across different businesses. Much like his father, Robert enjoys travelling and has a keen eye for quality. An astute businessman, he has developed the Ettinger brand internationally and takes pride in mentoring talented craftspeople.

Historically, the finest leather goods in Britain were always made in London, where the country’s best tailors, perfumers and trunk-makers all held shop. Ettinger commissions and selects the best tanned skins from a number of tanneries, all of whom are based in the E.U. Having developed special relationships with these tanneries over many years ensures the brand can maintain their leather supply standards and offer an extensive range of leathers, many of which are exclusive to Ettinger.

In 1996, in recognition of the work carried out for the Royal Household, Ettinger of London was appointed with a Royal Warrant to HRH the Prince of Wales.

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